I have been making art for well over 40 years. My early influences were Dada, Abstract Expressionism, Pop and Arte Povera. The postmodern images I create currently are inspired by nature, history, ritual, tradition, spontaneity and daily observations.

I work typically on a series of pictures, and sometimes the length of time to complete the series is a positive component of the process. It can be quite counterintuitive: the longer in time it takes to complete a series, the more unexpected (and fresh) the final results can be. I usually start with a premise for the series, and then utilize marks, texture and color to seek out an unforeseen solution.

I strive for and hope that the work will engage the viewer in a moment of direct, individual experience, rather than a preconceived set of aesthetic parameters or perspective.

Much of my recent work is monoprints and monotypes with mixed media. Working with this process has opened new paths of making and thinking for me. Not knowing exactly what will be pulled from the press is an exciting event, practically every time. And then the looking and exploration commences to a completion of the piece.



Rhode Island School of Design

A.S.    Northwestern Connecticut C.C.

B.F.A.  Syracuse University, Magna Cum Laude



Make It Your Own  •  Coastal Printmakers Group Show  •  The James Library and Center for the Arts, Norwell, MA  •   March, 2016

 Vantage Point  •  Juried by Catherine Keegan (Director, Maud Morgan Arts, Cambridge, MA)  •  South Shore Art Center, Cohasset, MA  •  February, 2016 

Vagaries & Variants  •  2-person show, The James Library and Center for the Arts, Norwell, MA  •  December, 2015 

Small Works  •  Gallery Artist  •  South Shore Arts Center, Cohasset, MA  •  December, 201

Artoberfest   •  Gallery Artist  •  South Shore Arts Center, Cohasset, MA  •  October, 2015

60th Arts Festival Juried Show  •  South Shore Arts Center, Cohasset, MA  •  June, 2015

Small Works Exhibit  •  The James Library and Center for the Arts, Norwell, MA  •  2014

Coastal Printmakers Invitational Exhibition  •  South Shore Conservatory, Hingham, MA  •   2014

Foot Prints in the Garden  •  The James Library and Center for the Arts, Norwell, MA  •  2014

Coast Lines  •  Group Exhibit  •  Front Street Art Gallery, Scituate, MA  •  2013

Go Fish!  •  Contributing artist, Scituate Library Foundation sponsored event  •   Scituate Library, Scituate, MA  •   2013

Scituate Harbor Art Walk  •   Participant  •   Scituate, MA  •   2013

Blue Ribbon Members Show  •   South Shore Art Center, Cohasset, MA  •   2012, 2013, 2014, 2015



All New England Color Show  •  South Shore Arts Center, Cohasset, MA 

Founders & Formers  •  Invitational Group Show  •  Artworks Gallery, Hartford, CT

Group Show  •  Hartford Stage Company, Hartford, CT

Back in the World  •  Artwork by Connecticut Vietnam Veterans  •  Aetna Institute Gallery, Hartford, CT

The Hartford Show  •  Artworks Gallery, Hartford, CT

Members' Exhibitions  •  Artworks Gallery, Hartford, CT, (4 years)

72nd Year Exhibition  •  Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts  •  New Britain Museum of Art, New Britain, CT

39th Annual Exhibition of Connecticut Artists  •  Slater Memorial Museum, Norwich, CT

3-Man Show  •  Artworks Gallery, Hartford, CT

Sculpture & Drawing Exhibition  •  Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts  •  Old State House, Hartford, CT

Artworks at the Atheneum  •  Group Exhibition  •  Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT

Group Exhibition  •  State University of New York, Oswego, NY

MDA Exhibition  •  Contempo Gallery, Hartford, CT

Mood of New England  •  Juried Show  •  The Copley Society, Boston, MA

Festival Of Greater Hartford, Hartford, CT

17th Annual Art Exhibition  •  Beth El Sisterhood, West Hartford, CT

13th Annual Painting & Sculpture Exhibition  •  Marietta College, Marietta, OH

National Exhibition  •  Ellsworth Gallery, Simsbury, CT

Self Portrait  •  Juried Group Exhibition  •  Artworks Gallery, Hartford, CT

12 X 12 Or Smaller  •  Juried Group Show  •  Artworks Gallery, Hartford, CT

New Group Exhibition  •  Berkeley Center  •  Yale University,  New Haven, CT

2-Man Show  •  Ogni Coop Gallery, Syracuse, NY

2-Man Show  •  S.E. Fairbanks Gallery, Syracuse, NY

61st American Annual  •  Newport Art Association, Newport, RI



Aetna Life & Casualty Company

RJR Nabisco

Numerous private collector


Gallery Artist  •  South Shore Art Center, Cohasset, MA  

Colleagues  •  Hardbound Volume of Original Art by 40 Artists  •  Limited Edition of 1,000 copies  •  Purchased by the Museum of Modern Art, Archives, NYC

Visiting Artist  •  State University of New York, Oswego, NY (2 summer sessions)